Law Firm CMOs: LSSO Listserve Discussion about Their Future

Law Firm CMOs: LSSO Listserve Discussion about Their Future

"Where have all the CMOs gone?" is the subject line of an LSSO listserve discussion late last week. Some of the legal marketing/sales industry's top consultants (Silvia Coulter and Bill Flannery, to name two) weighed in on this hot button topic.

Silvia, a consultant with Hildebrandt Baker Robbins, noting that she is seeing the following at firms who are not currently filling open CMO positions (she posted it Friday, February 19, 2010).  These firms have chosen instead to:

  1. Have a highly respected partner oversee biz dev and marketing
  2. Have a highly respected partner BE the CMO (maybe with the title of marketing partner/business development partner)
  3. Go with the director of marketing and director of biz dev who the CMO hired (who needs a CMO when it's all set up kind of thinking)
  4. Have marketing managed by the practice group managers (some who are former practicing lawyers, some who came from marketing and are in the practice groups themselves and some who are PD folks)
  5. Have marketing/biz dev managed by the COO/ED.

Silvia asks the question:  Have we lost footing in the senior ranks of the profession?  I think the short-term answer is "yes," because the urgency to replace this strategic, more expensive position  following the financially strained years of 2008 and 2009, has taken a back seat to short-term cost savings.

The March 2010 Harvard Business Review is called, "Power out of the Recession."  There is a terrific article called, "Roaring out of the Recession," that states "research notes that 9% of companies come out of a recession stronger than ever" and the authors list how these companies lay the groundwork for success.

The authors talk about post-recession winners and losers . . .

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