A High-yield, but Overlooked, Marketing Tool

A High-yield, but Overlooked, Marketing Tool

As I was reading the weekly feed of law firm press releases from Latin Counsel this morning, I recalled how few law firms bother with this time-honored, but largely overlooked marketing tool.

A press release is an excellent low-cost way to improve your firm's "targeted" visibility. By "targeted visibility" I refer to the process of getting a specific area of professional expertise in front of the eyes and into the minds of a specific audience of clients and potential clients.

Our experience in Walker Clark, LLC, has been just the opposite of the old myth that "Nobody ever reads press releases."

For one thing, we read them - hundreds of them - every week. Walker Clark has a highly specialized market research service for law firms and corporate law departments. This requires that we must be continuously researching legal markets and law firms in other jurisdictions. Sometimes the research is focused on identifying potential strategic allies or even potential merger partners. Sometimes we are advising a law firm or law department about potential local counsel in another country. The point is that we need specific, accurate, and timely information. Press releases are one of our major sources of detailed information about a law firm's expertise, experience, and service capabilities.

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