The missing link in global business intelligence

The missing link in global business intelligence

My Walker Clark, LLC, colleague, Bill Henderson has shared with me his notes for his address on 14 April 2010 to a business leaders conference in Zagreb, Croatia, sponsored by LIDER, a major business publication in Croatia. As our firm's clients already know, Bill is an outstanding thought leader in the field of international business strategy.

Bill makes a great point about a serious gap in decision-making in law firms: the failure to take into account the human consequences of a business strategy. This mistake can do damage that it can take months or years to undo.

Bill provided me this morning with this advance synopsis of his presentation:

Business Intelligence is the process by which we make sound business decisions. Today, with the availability of the sophisticated computers, programs and the internet, business executives have the ability to garner information, have it analyzed, and have options presented for decision making  with incredible speed. Of course the information, analysis, and options presented must be objectively developed by honest, loyal, competent, and dedicated people - our employees.

The most important part of the Business Intelligence equation is the quality of the information we receive and that depends on the quality of our people. In today's world, people are being referred to as "Human Capital." This phrase turns up pervasively in textbooks, and professorial papers written by alleged scholars.  Such descriptive wording reflects an unfortunate, mistaken, and dangerous dehumanizing philosophy.

Bill will present an analysis and new approach that should produce increased efficiency, better productivity, and safer decision-making - all of which can lead to greater sustainable profits.

This is not business-school theory. Instead, it is grounded in the reality of day-to-day business operations in law firms and in the numbers on law firm profit-and-loss statements. Our firm's work with law firms worldwide demonstrates a clear and very strong correlation between the presence of the human factor in business decisions and the long-term sustainability of the benefits that the decision seeks to achieve.

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