Turning on the Light of Legal Project Management

Turning on the Light of Legal Project Management

Paul Easton has a good post recently where he talks about the possibility of Legal Project Management as a panacea. (That's the term in his title, and I think there's just a bit of tongue-in-cheek there.)

As much as I think Legal Project Management can make a huge positive difference in the business of the practice of law, I don't want to suggest it's a panacea myself.

LPM won't cure cancer. It won't end world hunger.

It won't even help law practices become more efficient... if it becomes something grafted on rather than a way of thinking those practices adopt. You can't flick the LPM switch and turn on project management the way you turn on a light.

To carry that analogy further, consider: You're in a house without electric lights. To get them, you have to put in the fixtures, pull the wiring through the walls, install switches and circuit breakers and such. It's work, and it will even disrupt the house for a bit.

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