Pro Bono and Your Career: How Giving Back Can Change Lives

Pro Bono and Your Career: How Giving Back Can Change Lives

When I first met Pam Weisz from Pro Bono Net ("PBN") at Legal Tech New York, she sat down and quietly got out a pad and pen. We were talking with John Lipsey, VP of Corporate Counsel Relations, to brainstorm about PBN's Alliance Partnership on Martindale-Hubbell Connected in 2010. As John and I offered different ideas, Pam scribbled notes, listened intently, and began to map out a plan for showing legal professionals how pro bono work changes lives, both for the client and the lawyer.

About 10-minutes into our half-hour meeting, Pam asked, "let's do an event about real life experiences to show how pro bono work has helped lawyers in their careers and personal growth." It was perfect: an opportunity to showcase member experience, demonstrate the opportunity pro bono work affords us all as professionals, and see the human side of legal work. Best of all, Pam and Executive Director of PBN, Mark O'Brien, would line up some of the most talented players on the pro bono scene.

Is Pro Bono Work for You?

Pro Bono work presents an opportunity for lawyers to make a difference in the lives of clients in need. It can also be a stepping stone to new opportunities. So how do lawyers get started? What are the best practices for those engaged in pro bono work? How can it be used as a stepping stone in your career? These questions and topics, among others, will be addressed during our Pro Bono event, which coincides with National Volunteer Week (April 18-24).  Here are some helpful links for Martindale-Hubbell Connected members to get started:

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Pro Bono as a Springboard to Greatness

Join us for a free webinar on Thursday, April 22, 2010 at 4pm EST to hear from 5-superstars in the pro bono world sharing their experience, insights, and tips on how to make pro bono work a springboard to greatness.

Panelists Include:

Topics to be discussed during the webinar will include:

  • What are the best practices of those engaged in pro bono activities?
  • How can pro bono work be stepping stone in your career?
  • How has pro bono work enhanced the careers of other lawyers?
  • Panelists will include a corporate counsel lawyer, a law firm lawyer, and a lawyer for a legal services organization

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*The preceding blog was written by Mike Mintz, Community Manager, Martindale-Hubbell Connected