Starting an Online Business / CLE Webinar - Privacy Statements, Part 1

Starting an Online Business / CLE Webinar - Privacy Statements, Part 1

By Paul D. McGrady, Jr., Shareholder, Greenberg Traurig / Author, McGrady on Domain Names

Besides the Terms and Conditions, the other primary document on the website is the privacy statement.  And again, that governs what you can do with the information about your customer that you get from the customer.  Now there's a couple of different kinds of information.  The primary kind of information is what we would consider to be anonymous information.  What is the IP address they are using?  The IP address will tell you all kinds of things, like where they're coming from.  How many pages did they view?  What pages did they view? 

That information can be used in the aggregate and you can look at that information and find out essentially where your customers are coming from, what they're interested and how to build a better website experience.  And those things are usually not tied to personally-identifiable information.  So, we need to deal with that category of privacy in a privacy statement. 

The other kind is the personally-identifiable information - name, address, email, billing information.  And, again with a privacy statement in place, it's important to have one of those so that you handle that information correctly; so that you are able to use the information in the way that you want to use that information; and so that there's predictability for the consumer.  The government gets a little unhappy when consumers are surprised when their email address is sold to somebody else.  

And so those sorts of things you have to have in place, really at the beginning. 

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