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Ted Zwayer
Normalizing Mix Variables in Law Firm Financial Data

Most law firm managers understand the importance that business analysis plays in steering a firm toward success. However, as with so many things in life, a little bit of analysis can be a dangerous thing. Management reporting processes typically collect...

Legal Business Community Team
Nicholas Economidis of Beazley Group on Cyber Risk (Part 1)

Nicholas Economidis handles specialty lines for Beazley Group, which includes insurance for cyber and data-related losses. He came to the HB Litigation Conferences offices in Berwyn, Pa., to answer a series of questions relevant to any company that handles...

Kris Satkunas
How Healthy Is Your Inventory?

All businesses that accumu­late material amounts of ac­counts receivable ("A/R") rely on metrics that measure the turnover of those receivable balances as a gauge of risk and li­quidity. One of the most common metrics used is what...

LexisNexis Legal Business Community Staff
Forms of Organization: Centralized vs. Decentralized

Generally, the centralized departments are located in a corporate headquarters and provide legal services for the company in all of its enterprises and locations. In the decentralized law department, the headquarters contains only a general counsel and...

LexisNexis Legal Business Community Staff
Practice Groups as Part of Organizational Structure

Practice groups have become the driving element for strategy development and implementation. However, experience shows that many firms are frustrated with the effectiveness of practice group operations, with the implementation of practice group planning...