Why You Should Take a Vacation from Work

Why You Should Take a Vacation from Work

The summer is almost over and you haven't enjoyed one bit of it.  The recent rumblings of another recession have left you scared to do anything, but work hard and often for fear of losing your job should there be another round of layoffs.  You're stressed, nervous, and worried that everything you do might lead to a trip down the unemployment line.  Sounds like you need a vacation.   

Here are several reasons why it is important to take your vacation:

Make the company miss you.  Sometimes you need to give your significant other some space so they can appreciate you more when you're gone.  The same can be said about work.  You're working so hard at the job, but your company may not even notice.  They have taken your abilities for granted.  What better way to show your boss how valuable you are by not being there to perform those daily tasks.  While you are enjoying wine in the Tuscan sun, you're boss is wondering why nothing is getting done.  When you return and hit the ground running, your boss will see how much better things run when you are around.  You'll never hear "Glad to have you back" if you're always around.  Of course, this all hinges on how well you perform at your job on a daily basis.  So, make sure you are worth missing. 

You need rest and relaxation.   You cannot do your job properly without taking some time away from work.  Eventually stress will cause you to feel burnt out, angry and resentful, leading you to slack off, make mistakes, and act in a manner that could be detrimental to your job.  You need to recharge your batteries and reduce those stress levels, so you can come back invigorated and ready to perform...possibly even better than before you left.  This is an obvious reason for taking a vacation, but what you may not realize is that your boss wants this, too.  They do not want their employees to feel burned out.  They want their employees at their best and if a vacation is what will help them perform to the best of the abilities.  That's why they will approve your request for time off. 

You deserve it.  When you agreed to take the job, there were promises made to you.  You were told you would get a certain salary, specific health benefits, a number of sick days, and...wait for it...paid vacation time.  Yes, the company hired you knowing that as you worked there, you would accrue vacation time.  Many of these companies also tell you that you cannot roll this vacation time over, meaning that if you don't take it, you lose it.  Would you hand back money to your employer?  Would you pay out of your pocket if you were sick, because you felt funny using your health insurance benefits?  No.  So, why would you leave vacation time on the table?  You earned it.  If you want to take two glorious weeks in the Bahamas, then get your suntan lotion ready and go. 

Vacations boost creative thinking.  There is nothing like a little time away from the office for your brain to start moving in a different direction.  When you are in one mindset, you think in one way.  However, when you go away, visit a new country, see different sights, and let your mind wander from the traditional day, you sometimes surprise yourself by actually coming up with creative ideas that will benefit your career.  Similar to the fact that a vacation helps you recharge your batteries, it also relaxes you in a way that promotes deeper thought.  You can get a lot more done with your mind when it isn't stressed out all the time and in need of rapid-fire answers without consideration for other ideas. 

There is nothing like answering email on a beach. Maybe you have a busy job where you can't completely get away without answering emails.  To some, they might think that they are better off answering emails in an office.  Forget that line of thinking.  There is nothing like answering an email on a beach, watching the tide come in as the sun sets.  You are still getting much needed time to relax.  You might still have to accomplish some tasks, but this time, you're doing it in a better mood, with thoughts of the night's upcoming fun, all right from your little cabana, in your flip flops and shorts.  That's not a bad day at the "office." 

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