There Has Never Been a Better Time to be a Lawyer

There Has Never Been a Better Time to be a Lawyer


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Decades go by in which things (economic conditions) are flat and there isn't any change. People trudge by in their jobs and go through the motions at work. There isn't any innovation, creative thinking, or demands on efficiency or productivity. This ain't one of those decades.

The practice of law is in an incredible state of flux. But in times of great change, there are also great opportunities. There are a number of things you can do to be prepared:

  • Pay attention to the markets. Be sensitive to the overall business climate in relation to your clients.
  • Immerse yourself deep in the study of your niche area of practice - then study an ancillary one.
  • Learn about technology, embrace it. Don't be left behind because you think it's not for you. Utilize what makes sense for you practice, abandon what does not. But don't get caught up chasing after the latest shiny toy.
  • Develop exceptional personal relationship skills. Write handwritten notes. Reply to calls and emails promptly. Be genuine. Put other people first - especially your clients.
  • Get out of the office. Go to Bar events. Go to places where your clients will be - trades shows, associations, the local watering hole, whatever.
  • Grow - intellectually and physically. Read challenging works and learn from the classics. Join a book club. Start an exercise program. Join a gym. You'll gain new perspectives on the world, be more interesting, and meet new people.


"Chance favors the prepared"

Position yourself so that you can seize an opportunity when it arises. Feeling sorry for yourself or the economy or job market is probably the most useless thing you could be doing with your time. Don't wait for opportunities to fall into your lap, create your own opportunities. Let everyone else lament over the state of the economy or jobs or whatever else - stick to improving yourself, your practice, and providing high quality, innovative, and timely services. While they're busy crying over spilled milk, you can be the one people will be turning to when they're in need.

It's a crazy time to be a lawyer. I wouldn't have it any other way.

To read the complete post by Keith Lee, follow this link to  An Associate's Mind.


Keith Lee is an associate with an  insurance defense litigation firm in Birmingham, AL, and a recent graduate of Birmingham School of Law.  Keith is the author of the blog, An Associate's Mind.

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