Keeping Tabs on Important Matters the Simple Way

Keeping Tabs on Important Matters the Simple Way


If your ears are burning, there's a good chance someone is talking about you. Legend has it that if the right ear is burning, you are being praised. If the left ear is burning, however, you are the subject of evil intent. And that's no good. If you want to know if people are talking about you (or your firm or practice area), no matter what they are saying, you can. Keep reading to find out how!             

This week, click on this link and set up your Google Alerts.  It takes no time at all, is fully self-explanatory, and is the Google gift that keeps on giving.

 For those who don't know, Google Alerts are updates that you receive straight to your inbox on topics of interest to you.  There are no limitations on what you can request to be alerted about and this function allows you to be the first to know if something or someone you are interested in is being talked about on the Internet.  

 Suggested Google Alert topics include:

 - Your full name (now you'll know when people are talking about you!);

 - Your law firm name;

 - The names of your (actual & prospective) clients;

 - The names of your opposing parties;

- Areas of law (or other industries) you are interested in; and 

 - Anything else you may like to be notified about.

 Easy enough.  Now go to it!

 Desiree Moore is the President and founder of Greenhorn Legal, LLC. Greenhorn Legal offers intensive practical skills training programs for law students and new lawyers as they transition from law school into their legal practices.  Ms. Moore is also an adjunct professor at Loyola University Chicago School of Law and was an associate at the law firm of K&L Gates. She can be found on Twitter at @greenhornlegal.