How to Share Your Big Career News

How to Share Your Big Career News


Whether you have landed your first job out of law school, changed firms/offices, made partner, won a big case, or closed a major deal, there are several great ways to share this news with others.  

1. Business Cards  

If you are a new hire or a lateral in a law firm or other office, sending your business cards to friends and family is a great way to let people know of this news.  This is also a great way to build a foundation for acquiring business.  The first step in getting business is sharing what you do - and how you can help! - with as many people as possible.   

2. Announcement Cards 

If you have made partner, been named to the Top 40 Under 40 list, or been appointed to a board or other leadership position, announcement cards may be appropriate.  There are a number of great companies that make nice looking, inexpensive announcement cards for any type of news ( is one of my favorites).  

3. Press Release  

If the news or event warrants it, draft a press release to share the news on a broader scale (reporters are more likely to pick up a story if there is a press release first).  Submit your press release to a news organization that will be interested in the topic.  For example, a legal publication will likely take more interest in a legal story than a mainstream publication.  And submit it through the proper channels (typically set forth on a publication's website).        

4. Marketing Piece  

With your client's permission, advertising your success in a trial or business transaction is a good way to attract other prospective clients with similar legal needs.  If your client agrees, work with your marketing department to prepare a dynamic pamphlet or email newsletter to send out to friends, family, and your firm's existing client list about your professional accomplishments.  Make the announcement available on-line so people can easily click from the announcement to your firm homepage or to your personal on-line contact information.   

Whatever the news, don't be reserved about sharing it.  If you do so with the proper tone, you are not boasting but generating buzz and excitement about an event of import.  (As an aside, in my first years of practice I had an animated Irish secretary who used to say, "Des, if you don't brag about yourself, no one will."  So there's that to consider, too . . . !)  

Desiree Moore is the President and founder of Greenhorn Legal, LLC. Greenhorn Legal offers intensive practical skills training programs for law students and new lawyers as they transition from law school into their legal practices.  Ms. Moore is also an adjunct professor at Loyola University Chicago School of Law and was an associate at the law firm of K&L Gates. She can be found on Twitter at @greenhornlegal.