FBI Warns Law Firms to Beware of Hackers
  • 12-23-2009 | 10:09 PM
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FBI Warns Law Firms to Beware of Hackers

The FBI issued a warning to firms last week alerting them to be careful when opening e-mails that appear to be from clients or contacts but could instead be from hackers attempting to infiltrate the firm’s database.
The FBI warning said the agency is confident that hackers are targeting both law firms and public relations firms. The warning goes on to explain that opening a message will not directly compromise systems or data networks, but that the malicious payload lies within the attachment or linked domain. “Infection occurs once someone opens the attachment or clicks on a link, which launches a self-executing file and through a variety of malicious processes, attempts to download another file,” the warning notes. 
Hackers targeting law firms will study the firm’s website, LinkedIn and Facebook pages in order to learn everything they can about the law firm staff. The hackers will then send e-mails to four or more people in the firm.  The FBI further warns that even though the URL link might indicate that it will take the user to a legitimate corporate site, it may still be a hoax. Law firm employees need to me trained to avoid clicking on suspicious links in e-mail messages.

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