Too Much Information: Are you Overloaded?

Too Much Information: Are you Overloaded?

Information overload is becoming a widespread and growing problem in the legal community, "and one that is taking a heavy toll on the profession in terms of productivity and morale," according to a recent workplace productivity survey.  Forty-four percent of legal professionals surveyed said they would soon reach the breaking point if the amount of information they receive continues to increase.   Half of the legal professionals surveyed said the amount of information they've had to manage since the economic downturn has increased significantly.  More than half of the study participants feel that attorneys new to the profession are not prepared for the amount of information management and processes they will be required to manage.

The survey of 600 legal professionals in five countries was commissioned by LexisNexis.  The practitioners in the United States, China, South Africa, the UK and Australia found attorneys in all of these countries are struggling to cope and hoping their employers can help.  Since a similar LexisNexis survey was conducted in 2008, the problem of information overload is described as having gone from bad to worse.

What are the consequences of the overwhelming amount of information that inundates us? The study cites the following impacts and observations:

  • Drag on Productivity and Morale
  • 24/7 Communication: the Upside and Downside
  • Legal Employers are asked to be More Supportive
  • Solving the Overload Issue is a Global Challenge

To read the full survey click here to view the LexisNexis International Workplace Productivity Survey.