Social Media and Your Job Search

Social Media and Your Job Search

We've talked before about using social media tools to find a job. But usually, that means the Big Three: Facebook, Twitter, and Myspace.

Just kidding! Of course, the (arguably) best site for job search social media is LinkedIn. And it's undoubtedly the best place for explicating posting your resume and qualifications, since you're not likely to have any photos of you drinking nearby, and you have more than 180 characters to describe your job duties.

But what about Pinterest, a newly, wildly popular site for posting "interests," scrap-book style? Reports show that traffic to the site has increased 40-fold over just the last six months, with 11 million hits in just the week of December 17th, according to Business Insider-placing it at about same growth trajectory as Facebook circa 2006.

That's great news for those looking for exposure. But the style of the site, which tends to feature images, may be better suited to those shopping for creative, artistic jobs. That's also because that's the type of employer that a site like Pinterest would attract.

And since Pinterest is well suited, format wise, to visual materials, it's a great place to post a portfolio. It also proves-much better than a line on your resume that you're hip to trends in art and design-that you're actually in the game. You can show interests, influences, and best of all, awareness of your industry. That is, if you're hoping to get hired by a young, hip company that's looking at Pinterest.

So thoughts? Is it gimmicky or savvy to have a job-seeking profile on Pinterest?

Meanwhile, check out a few of the amazing resumes Business Insider found on the site-it may inspire you to think outside the box a bit with your online presence.

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