Announcing LexisNexis Digital Library platform for law libraries

Announcing LexisNexis Digital Library platform for law libraries


In the age of tablets, smart phones and laptops, legal professionals need more flexible, cost-effective ways to use and share legal reference materials. Together with OverDrive, the leading global distributor of eBooks and other digital content to libraries and schools, LexisNexis has created a customized eBook lending and management platform designed specifically for law libraries.

This innovative new service enables organizations to share eBook titles among multiple users, purchase eBooks centrally, and manage their libraries efficiently-resulting in significant cost savings associated with the storing, filing and distributing traditional print books. LexisNexis Digital Library is now available for select pilot customers and will be available more broadly to large law libraries in early Q3.

The core of LexisNexis Digital Library is a website created by OverDrive and customized for each law firm or organization. A librarian or designated administrator serves as the manager of a virtual library, ordering titles and supervising lending of all electronic content. This arrangement is more efficient compared to each individual eBook user purchasing and managing his or her own digital content. Additionally, the site enables the administrator to generate detailed reports to better understand eBook usage patterns and to inform better digital content decisions for the firm or organization.

Legal professionals at organizations that have LexisNexis Digital Library access, check out and return titles via the primary website, a mobile-optimized version of the site or through a downloadable mobile application. In addition to simultaneous access to many titles for multiple users, users may also check out multiple copies of the same eBook depending on how many copies the library purchases. Additionally, each eBook title has a check out expiration deadline that automatically returns it to the library for use by others.

OverDrive has proven its system in more than 18,000 libraries worldwide and its large, diverse catalog of eBook titles will complement the LexisNexis collection of electronic legal titles. In addition, LexisNexis customers will also have access to and be able to purchase more than 700,000 other titles-on subjects from business and technology to travel and language learning-via the OverDrive Content Reserve collection portal.

LexisNexis eBooks are also compatible with most major devices. Similarly, LexisNexis Digital Library Websites and mobile apps will work on all major devices. Additionally, because the new LexisNexis Digital Library is publisher agnostic, customers can also add titles from other publishers and centrally manage them-eliminating the inefficiency of using multiple platforms or sites to manage an entire collection.

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