LexisNexis® eBooks: Device Compatibility

LexisNexis® eBooks: Device Compatibility

LexisNexis created eBooks in two file formats: epub and mobi. By providing these two industry standard formats, we've providing the customer choice on how you want to use your eBook.

What eBook file format should I choose?

Choose epub files if you plan to read your LexisNexis eBook on:

  • Apple® products such as the iPad® or iPhone®
  • SONY® Reader
  • Barnes & Noble NOOKTM
  • Adobe® Digital Editions

 Choose mobi files if you plan to read your eBook on:

  • Amazon® KindleTM
  • Palm®
  • BlackBerry®

Visit www.lexisnexis.com/ebooks/questions for more information.

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