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Best Practices: Negotiating and Managing Complex Commercial Transactions Confidentiality and M&A

Confidentiality issues need to be addressed when conducting mergers and acquisitions with competitors or customers and suppliers. Read the full article on martindale.com ®.

Things to Consider When Selling Your Business or Buying Another: A Guide to the Merger and Acquisition Process

Buying or selling a business can be an exhilarating, yet bewildering and all-consuming endeavor. You have spent countless hours building your business and now can consider this significant change. Yet, the demands of your business will continue throughout...

Copyright Workflow

1) Research Copyright Registrations a. U.S. Copyright Registrations 2) Copyright Authoritative Analysis a. Matthew Bender Publications b. Martindale-Hubbell® Copyright Law Digest c. Law Journal Press Publications d. Practicing Law Institute...

Trademark Workflow

1) Research Trademark Registrations a. U.S. Federal and State Trademarks b. International Trademarks 2) Trademark Authoritative Analysis a. Matthew Bender Publications b. Law Journal Press Publications c. Rabkin & Johnson’s Current...

Patent Workflow

1) Research Patent Prior Art a. U.S. and International Patent Authorities on Lexis.com and TotalPatent b. News Stories c. Elsevier Full Text Journals and Other Industry Journals d. BNA® Publications e. PatentOptimizer™ 2) Patent...

So You Want to Practice IP Law?

Interested in practicing in the IP area? Here’s what you have to look forward to… Typical Tasks Performed by Trademark and Copyright Attorneys · Register and renew copyrights and file other documents with the Copyright Office...