LexisNexis Catalog Of Legal Publications: A One-Stop Guide For Legal Research

LexisNexis Catalog Of Legal Publications: A One-Stop Guide For Legal Research

Welcome to the LexisNexis Catalog of Legal Resources - Your one stop guide to authoritative legal content to help you research more efficiently and cost-effectively, and deliver better outlook for your clients and firms, company or government agency.  Whether you prefer to research in print, online or in combination, LexisNexis makes it easy for you to access the critical information you need.

Exclusive premium content delivered the way you want it.

You will find treatises, practice guides, forms collections, primary law materials and more from the highly respected names in legal publishing over the last two centuries.  LexisNexis delivers this exclusive premium content in the medium that works best for you - in print and ebook formats and online at Lexis.com.

Innovative solutions for the most cost-effective research.

LexisNexis has a rich history of developing breakthrough products and services to help you gain insights faster, make better decisions and improve productivity.  We deliver solutions that combine the benefits of print and online.

Premium resources for your practice area, industry or jurisdiction.

From accounting to workers' compensation, and from Alabama to Wyoming and U.S. territories, LexisNexis delivers a comprehensive collection of premium resources for your areas of law, industry or jurisdiction.

To order or for current pricing contact your LexisNexis sales representative.  Call toll free: 1-800-223-1940 or visit us online at www.lexisnexis.com/bestlegal.

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