Need the Scoop on an Expert, Attorney or Judge? Lexis Advance Now Offers Profile Suite!

Need the Scoop on an Expert, Attorney or Judge? Lexis Advance Now Offers Profile Suite!

Litigation Profile Suite Now available On Lexis Advance!

Exciting news: Evaluate experts, judges and attorneys in a case with LexisNexis Litigation Profile Suite: an easy-to-use analytical tool that brings together a vast collection of sources you need to reveals facts, biases and behaviors that help you refine case strategy, manage client expectations and improve litigation outcomes.

Why Use Profile Suite on Lexis Advance?

  • Preview a Document via Document Excerpts
    • Description: In Lexis Advance Profile Suite, some excerpts of documents surface without having to open it and incur a charge!
    • Benefit: Save time and make more informed decisions about whether you want to open a document surfaced in Profile Suite.
  • Longer Availability in History
    • Description: In, the History function resets every 24 hours. In Lexis Advance, the History function keeps a record of your searches for 90 days.
    • Benefit: Avoid having to re-run searches or keep track of which prior searches you have conducted.
  • Work Folders
    • Description: Only Lexis Advance offers work folders, which allows users to save and easily access a PDF of their Profile Suite report. Work folder sharing is also available on a limited basis.
    • Benefit: Work more efficiently by storing and re-using results right where you are working.
  • More News Content
    • Description: More news sources will be searched over the version of Profile Suite, including ALM News and Factiva*.
        • Full coverage of our legal news sources News coverage on Lexis Advance is 2007 forward, with the exception of Factiva sources.
    • Benefit: You will be able to gain a more complete picture on an expert, judge, or attorney

To access Profile Suite, simply sign on to Lexis Advance and from the drop down in the upper left hand corner, select Litigation Profile Suite and you are ready to begin!

Questions? Contact your local Research Consultant today for more information! Happy Profiling!

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