Securities Class Action Lawsuits Against Life Sciences Companies Rose In 2012

Securities Class Action Lawsuits Against Life Sciences Companies Rose In 2012

The number of securities class action lawsuits filed against life sciences companies rose in both absolute and relative terms in 2012, according to a March 20, 2013 memorandum by David Kotler of the Dechert law form entitled "Survey of Securities Fraud Class Actions Brought Against U.S. Life Sciences Companies." According to the report, a copy of which can be found here, life sciences companies "remain an increasingly popular target of securities fraud class action lawsuits."

According to the report, 27 pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical companies were hit with securities suits in 2012, representing about 18% of all securities suits filed during the year. By comparison, in 2011, 17 of those companies had securities suits filed against them, representing just 9% (It should be kept in mind when comparing the two years that securities class action lawsuit filings overall declined significantly between 2011 and 2012, as discussed in greater detail here.) The 18% of all securities suits that life sciences companies' filings represented in 2012 is "well above the percentage of securities fraud complaints filed in recent years."

During 2012, the fillings against life sciences companies continued to be concentrated on smaller companies. During 2012, 50% of all life sciences securities suit filings involved companies with market caps of less than $250 million, as compared to 58% in 2011 and 31% in 2010.

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