LexisNexis Introduces The Troubled Company Reporter

LexisNexis Introduces The Troubled Company Reporter

During these challenging economic times, you may need to monitor news about companies and clients who are struggling. LexisNexis is leading news and business provider for news, company and financial information and is pleased to be able to provide you with this and other valuable research tools.

The Troubled Company Reporter (TCR)," a vital source of daily news and updates about companies throughout the United States with assets of US$10 million or more that are reorganizing, restructuring or showing signs of financial strain. TCR is available in four separate editions covering all major business and industry categories in the U.S., Asia Pacific, Europe and Latin America. Produced by specialists to meet the special needs of today's busy bankruptcy and insolvency professionals, TCR is a proven, in-depth resource delivered to your desk by email every business day. What's more, the TCR format is designed to let you scan the headlines. You only read the details on the companies of your choice. In other words, we give you news, not clutter.

How Can I find The TCR? 

You can find it by typing "Troubled Company Reporter" in the Find a Source search box on www.lexis.com.

What Other Resources are Available for Researching Distressed Companies?

Don't forget the power of MEGATM News, Negative Business News* (either "all" or Most Recent 30 Days.) This file searches over 22,000 news sources for negative news (adverse or unfavorable) stories relating to a business entity. The Negative News search enables users to quickly and easily find important negative information about an organization that might not be readily available through other means. Examples of terms that Negative News looks for in the text of articles include "mismanagement," "incompetence," "deceptive business practice," "misconduct," "negligence" and "theft." This file searches MEGA News, the most comprehensive news files available at lexis.com to ensure that critical stories aren't missed in due diligence, litigation, or client development efforts. A search in this database will also help comply with the Sarbanes-Oxley "Know Your Customer" requirement.

Lastly, a reminder that you can also easily set up alerts in either or both of these databases, so you'll know immediately when your client or your client's client is mentioned.

How Can I Find Out More?

Kindly contact your LexisNexis Representative today!

Happy Researching!