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New Enhancements Now Available At

You asked and WE LISTENED - new enhancements now available at

Several new enhancements were released this week based on your feedback which include:

E-Mail Forgotten ID

LexisNexis ID can be retrieved just like forgotten passwords...without a call to customer support. Just click on the log-in page and follow the security procedure.

Get a Document 

You will save time and effort with the new "Get a Document" box. Once a document is retrieved, additional documents can be retrieved without going back to the Get a Document tab.

Enhancements to Get and Print 

New print options include page numbers printed in bold plus single- or double-sided printing. 

Research Description Field 

There's now more note space in the Research Description field on the client ID screen. That means better billing detail and  search descriptions will be available via LexisNexis PowerInvoice service.

Quick Search 

Quick Search has been added as a link to a separate page. This takes up less room and gives more flexibility on the right-hand pane. Quick Search can now be added as a separate tab, which gives fast and easy access to the search.

Update to Preferences / Default Screen 

"Show hits" is now variable. Select the number of hits shown before and after each hit in the cite list. Choose from 5, 10, 20, or 30 hits and get the context needed when reviewing search results in cite view.

Refreshed Screens 

Shepard's Brief Check and Get and Print have a fresh, new look. This look mirrors the look and feel of Lexis Advance (coming soon) and the new interface.

Restructured News Tab

The Legal News tab on has been completely restructured and improved to meet your need for more information provided in an easier format.

Some of the enhancements include:

More content surfaced resulting in less clicks

Logically organized, such as by publisher, practice area or multi-topic

Completely restructured Mealey's, offering content by type, practice area, jurisdiction and publications that are no longer in print. 

Want to see these enhancements in action?  Contact your LexisNexis Representative today for a live demo!

Happy Researching!

PS - Don't forget to ask about the newest enhancements to Expert Witness Profiles and Verdict & Settlement Analyzer!

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