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WikiLeaks' Payment Processor To Sue Credit Card Companies
Posted on 9 Dec 2010 by LexisNexis Litigation Resource Community Staff

LONDON - (AP) WikiLeaks' payment processor said Thursday that it was preparing to sue credit card companies Visa and MasterCard over their refusal to process donations to the secret-spilling website. Andreas Fink, the CEO of Iceland's DataCell... Read More

Supporter Of Suspected Leaker Suing U.S. Government
Posted on 16 May 2011 by LexisNexis Litigation Resource Community Staff

BOSTON - (AP) An outspoken advocate for an Army private accused of funneling classified documents to Wikileaks filed suit Friday, claiming federal agents illegally seized confidential information from him at a Chicago airport. David House, a founding... Read More

Thoughts About WikiLeaks And Executive Liability
Posted on 3 Dec 2010 by Kevin M. LaCroix

Though it quickly recovered, Bank of America's share price declined earlier this week on speculation that the company is the bank whose internal documents WikiLeaks intends to post on the Internet at some future date. According to news reports , the... Read More