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Foley & Lardner LLP: A Jurisdictional Twist: 7th Cir. Holds That District Court Had Supplemental Jurisdiction Over Federal Claim and Original Jurisdiction Over State Claim
Posted on 14 Jul 2014 by Foley & Lardner LLP

By Eric G. Pearson There’s nothing inherently unique about the substantive issues in Burzlaff v. Thoroughbred Motorsports, Inc. , No. 13-2520 (July 10, 2014) , a decision released [July 10] by the Seventh Circuit [ enhanced opinion available... Read More

Foley & Lardner LLP: 7th Circuit Rejects Public-Disclosure Bar in Qui Tam Case
Posted on 19 Aug 2014 by Foley & Lardner LLP

By Eric G. Pearson A cardinal rule of a qui tam action brought under the False Claims Act is that the relator must be the information’s original source. In United States ex rel. Heath v. Wisconsin Bell, Inc. , No. 12-3383 (7th Cir. July 28... Read More

Government Urges Dismissal Of Carbon Dioxide Lawsuits
Posted on 26 Aug 2010 by Samantha Drake

WASHINGTON, D.C. - (Mealey's) The federal government on Aug. 25 asked the U.S. Supreme Court to vacate a lower court decision to reinstate two lawsuits seeking to limit carbon dioxide emissions, arguing that new greenhouse gas regulations have displaced... Read More

Passenger’s Cigarette Butt Toss Gives Reasonable Suspicion For Traffic Stop
Posted on 3 Dec 2015 by LexisNexis Legal Newsroom Staff

A Wisconsin state patrol officer observed Daniel Iverson’s vehicle swerve within its lane, but not touch the center line or the curb. The vehicle then came to a full stop at a flashing yellow light rather than proceeding through the intersection... Read More

Foley & Lardner LLP: Got (Raw) Milk? How About Jurisdiction? Something's Sour in the Raw-Milk Case
Posted on 12 Aug 2014 by Foley & Lardner LLP

By Philip C. Babler [On Aug. 7], the Wisconsin Court of Appeals released its opinion in Farm-To-Consumer v. Wis. DATCP , 11AP2264, a closely watched case involving Wisconsin’s regulation of raw-milk production [ enhanced opinion available to... Read More

Foley & Lardner LLP: Wisconsin Voter ID: Plaintiffs' Emergency Application to Justice Kagan Lacks a Key Element
Posted on 6 Oct 2014 by Foley & Lardner LLP

By Thomas L. Shriner Jr. The plaintiffs in Wisconsin’s Voter ID case [on Oct. 2] filed an emergency application with Justice Kagan, the Circuit Justice assigned to the Seventh Circut, seeking an order vacating the Seventh Circuit’s September... Read More

Wisconsin State Jury Awards $392,300 To Best Buy Customer Who Claimed PTSD From Racist Geek Squad Employee's False Police Report
Posted on 21 Jan 2016 by LexisNexis Legal Newsroom Staff

On July 19, 2012, Brandon Hall, an employee of Best Buy Co., Inc., and a member of the "Geek Squad," went to the home of Hugh Saddler, an African-American male, to repair a television. Plaintiff Sunshine Guerrero, Saddler's wife, a Hispanic... Read More

The March 2015 Jury Verdict Round-Up: Top 5 Personal Injury Verdicts
Posted on 7 Apr 2015 by LexisNexis Legal Newsroom Staff

During March, the attorney editors on the LexisNexis Jury Verdict team covered several notable personal injury verdicts and settlements from across the country. This informal list of top five cases captured our attention this past month, so we thought... Read More

Court Bars Candidates Lawsuit Over Expletive
Posted on 5 Aug 2010 by LexisNexis Litigation Resource Community Staff

MADISON, Wis. - (AP) A federal court has rejected a lawsuit filed by an independent candidate for the state Assembly in Wisconsin who wants to use a racially charged phrase to describe herself on the ballot. U.S. District Judge Rudolph Randa said in the... Read More

Vatican Served With Court Documents In Wis. Abuse Case
Posted on 13 Apr 2011 by LexisNexis Litigation Resource Community Staff

MILWAUKEE - (AP) The Vatican has been served with court papers stemming from decades-old allegations of sexual abuse against a now-deceased priest at a Wisconsin school for the deaf, attorneys for the accuser and the Vatican said Tuesday. Jeff Anderson... Read More

Judge Block Contentious Wisconsin Union Law
Posted on 19 Mar 2011 by LexisNexis Litigation Resource Community Staff

MADISON, Wis. - (AP) A Wisconsin judge on Friday temporarily blocked the state's new and contentious collective bargaining law from taking effect, raising the possibility that the Legislature may have to vote again to pass the bill. Lawmakers had... Read More

Wisconsin Judge Halts Gov. Scott Walker's Law Targeting Unions
Posted on 1 Apr 2011 by LexisNexis Litigation Resource Community Staff

MADISON, Wis. A Wisconsin judge on Thursday did what thousands of pro-union protesters and boycotting Democratic lawmakers couldn't, halting Republican Gov. Scott Walker's plans at least temporarily to cut most public workers' pay and strip... Read More

Lawsuit Filed In Midst Of Salmonella Outbreak
Posted on 19 Aug 2010 by LexisNexis Litigation Resource Community Staff

KENOSHA Wis. - (AP) One of the 21 diners at a Kenosha restaurant sickened by a salmonella bacteria linked to contaminated eggs has filed a lawsuit. Tanja Dzinovic of Pleasant Prairie is suing the egg producer, Wright County Egg of Galt, Iowa, and others... Read More