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Daniel M. Kowalski
BREAKING: Supreme Court, 5-4, Says 'Crime of Violence' Definition is Void for Vagueness - Sessions v. Dimaya

Sessions v. Dimaya - "Three Terms ago, in Johnson v. United States, this Court held that part of a federal law’s definition of “violent felony” was impermissibly vague. See 576 U. S. ___ (2015). The question in this case is whether...

Daniel M. Kowalski
DOS on Revisions to Travel Ban (Presidential Proclamation 9645, Apr. 10, 2018)

State Department, Apr. 10, 2018 - Revisions to Presidential Proclamation 9645 "On April 10, a new Presidential Proclamation (P.P.) was issued which amended P.P. 9645 of September 24, 2017. The new P.P. removes the visa restrictions imposed on...

LexisNexis Workers' Comp Law Newsroom Staff
California: Ex Parte Communications: When Replacement Panel Not Warranted

A recent noteworthy panel decision, Turner v. PT Gaming , addresses three interrelated issues on QME reporting and service of reports and whether they provide grounds for a new PQME. The majority, in this split opinion, concludes per Alvarez v. WCAB,...

Daniel M. Kowalski
Who Polices the Immigration Police?

Deborah Sontag and Dale Russakoff, ProPublica, April 16, 2018 - "An investigation by ProPublica and the Philadelphia Inquirer found numerous cases in which ICE agents and police officers allegedly engaged in racial profiling, conducted warrantless...

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Daniel M. Kowalski
Colo. Gov. Signs Tuition Bill for Foreign Nationals Settled in Colorado

SB 18-087 - In-state Tuition Foreign Nationals Settled In Colorado, signed Apr. 12, 2018 - "...Refugees approved for resettlement by the United States government have been rigorously vetted and lawfully admitted to the United States under the federal...

Thomas A. Robinson
New Mexico: Native American Tribe’s Insurer Liable for Benefits Even if Tribe Enjoys Sovereign Immunity

Where a Native American tribe operated a casino and secured workers’ compensation insurance from an insurer to cover workers’ compensation benefits that might be payable for work-related injuries to casino employees, that insurer and its third...