Cross-Border Deals Demand a Tailored Approach

Cross-Border Deals Demand a Tailored Approach

by Steven Anderson

Counsel to Counsel Magazine

When in Rome, draft contracts as the Romans do. The same goes for China, Brazil and most other countries. Cross-border deals require a customized approach. A one-size-fits-all mentality is a sure way to derail M&A or joint venture transactions, or have them drag on indefinitely.

This is a lesson Squire Sanders & Dempsey L.L.P. Partner Daniel E. Roules took to heart early in his career, which has spanned more than two decades and three continents.

"When I first moved to Eastern Europe, I took over a whole set of documents that worked well in Cleveland, Ohio," he says. They were state-of-the-art in a U.S. corporate practice at the time, but I quickly learned I just couldn't use them."

He found that in many jurisdictions, a deep understanding of the local law and business mores was the key, and the level of detail that makes U.S. contracts the long documents they are is typically not needed.

What is needed are agreements tailored appropriately to each foreign jurisdiction, he says: a matter of both form and substance.

"The content can vary substantially with regard to representations and warranties, for example," he says. "You can't just pick up a New York-style M&A agreement and plop it down in another country. The concepts in it just aren't going to make sense."

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