Martindale-Hubbell Connected Celebrates One-Year Anniversary

Martindale-Hubbell Connected Celebrates One-Year Anniversary

by Laxmi Stebbins Wordham

It's hard to believe it's been one year since we launched Martindale-Hubbell Connected, now the premier online professional network for the legal profession. The phenomenal growth of the network over the past 12 months stands as a testament to incredibly hard work by the motivated and talented team at Martindale and, of course, to the collaborative input and active participation of thousands of legal professionals who've helped us to shape the network along the way.

I thought it appropriate today to share some background on why we created Connected and how its creation fits into the broader transformation of Martindale-Hubbell.

Through research and conversations with clients going back as early as 2007, it became clear to us that competing priorities and work commitments were making it more difficult than ever for legal professionals to engage in the kind of face-to-face networking that has always served them as a critical means of business and professional development. The economic downturn only exacerbated the problem.

At roughly the same time, research conducted by our friends at Leader Networks showed that attorneys were turning to online networking in record numbers and that there was strong demand for an online professional network designed specifically for their profession. Lawyers, we found out, wanted a focused, legal-only network that was distinct and different from what was available via broader, social networking sites. Through discussions with literally hundreds of lawyers, we began to see the possibilities inherent in leveraging the Martindale-Hubbell Legal Network as the backbone of just such a community.

Our vision was to reinvent the company's flagship product,, taking it from static directory to a dynamic, vibrant online community where legal professionals could connect, communicate and collaborate. This online community, Martindale-Hubbell Connected, would provide members the ability to leverage the existing Martindale-Hubbell Legal Network of more than one million lawyers (representing 50 million+ possible connections) to uncover new relationships and trusted referrals, share information and insights, and efficiently collaborate in a virtual community. The system would also access court records to suggest connections with other lawyers a Connected member had teamed with or faced in court. Further, we teamed with LinkedIn to enable Connected members to identify and leverage their LinkedIn relationships from within Connected.

We also wanted to provide Connected members with authoritative information both created and collected by LexisNexis such as statistics, counsel-created research, competitor profiles, marketing trends, ratings, polls, and more - giving them information they couldn't get anywhere else.

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