Is Bugs Bunny, Esq. in Trouble?

Is Bugs Bunny, Esq. in Trouble?

When I was 10 I used to like signing my name, "David Feldman, Esquire." Not because I thought I wanted to be a lawyer, I wasn't even sure what "Esq." meant. I did it because that's how cartoon hero Bugs Bunny signed his name.

Well, old Bugs better be careful when he's in California (he was seen recently at Six Flags Magic Mountain). It turns out a California lawyer whose license had been suspended continued to use the moniker in correspondence and court filings when he was representing himself. He also did other things implying he was a lawyer, like his email had the word "law" in it and, oh yeah, he had letterhead that said "Law Offices of..."

His defense in using "Esquire" was, among other things, that people who read the magazine Esquire call themselves that, according to the ABA Journal News Weekly. No one ever said lawyers are not creative.

So of course the California bar examiners recommended disbarring him (he had several other bad ethical instances as well). Timely as I am now in Los Angeles visiting our firm's headquarters and clients.

Did you hear the one about the lawyer who.....

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