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Clint A. Keller
SEC Targets Use of Side Pockets by Hedge Funds

The Securities and Exchange Commission's Asset Management Unit has been investigating whether hedge fund managers have overvalued assets in "side pockets" and then charged investors higher fees based on those inflated values. A side pocket...

Thomas Fox
Proposed Amendments to the FCPA

In a White Paper released today by the US Chamber Institute for Legal Reform, entitled " Restoring Balance-Proposed Amendments to the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act ", authors Andrew Wiessmann and Alixandra Smith argue that the time is ripe...

Kevin M. LaCroix
Executive Protection: D&O Insurance - Limits Selection and Program Structure

In a series of posts, I have been exploring the "nuts and bolts" of D&O insurance. In this post, the seventh in the series, I examine the perennial questions of limits selection and program structure - that is, how much insurance is enough...

Kevin M. LaCroix
Mortgage-Backed Securities Investors' Section 11 Claims Dismissed for Lack of "Cognizable Injury"

Among the many cases filed as part of the subprime litigation wave are the numerous cases filed on behalf of holders of mortgage-backed securities against the firms that issued the securities. In many of these cases, the plaintiffs have not alleged...

Arina Shulga
How to Choose State of Incorporation for Start-Ups: A Comparative Study of Delaware, Nevada and Wyoming Legislation. Conclusion - Part V

This posting concludes my comparion of Delaware, Nevada and Wyoming business-related legislation. In this posting I draw conclusions about where one should actually consider registering the business. Generally, a company has to register in every state...

Kevin M. LaCroix
Commercial Banks: Closures, Lawsuits Continue to Mount

As has now become a familiar routine, this past Friday night the FDIC took control of several more commercial banks . The seven additional banks seized on Friday bring the year to date total number of failed banks to 139, and the total since January...