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Doug Cornelius
How to Get Caught Insider Trading

Purchase out of the money call options set to expire in two weeks, be an employee of the company acting as an adviser in the merger, not have any activity on that stock before, use an account in your name, exclusively use option when you have barely...

Thomas Fox
What Steps Can Lead to a Reduction in a FCPA Fine?

Earlier this month, in the FCPA Blog , Bruce Hinchey discussed his upcoming publication, " Punishing the Penitent: Disproportionate Fines in Recent FCPA Enforcements and Suggested Improvements " which analyzes differences between bribes...

Doug Cornelius
Social Media as a Form 10-K Risk Factor

It's official. Social media is a risk factor. At least according to Estee Lauder and lululemon athletica . Over at Footnoted , Michelle Leder and her team dig through SEC filings digging up the dirt on bad corporate behavior. They were digging...

Thomas O. Gorman
Insider Trading and Suspicious Trading, Not the Same

Investigating insider trading is difficult. Proving it is even more difficult. Frequently, the trading is "suspicious" because of its timing, magnitude, or for a variety of other reasons. Market watchers such as FINRA use this term to classify...

Thomas Fox
Promotional Expenses Defense under the FCPA

I. The Problem So what is the problem with a US company paying for travel, room and board for foreign governmental officials to travel to the United States? The problem is that payment for such travel, lodging and expenses may run afoul of the...

Doug Cornelius
Can Companies Do Well by Doing Good?

Yesterday's Wall Street Journal published a story by Aneel Karnani, Professor of Strategy at the University of Michigan's Stephen M Ross School of Business with a controversial headline: The Case Against Corporate Social Responsibility . ...