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    5 Small(er) But Mighty Litigation Shops

    Five relatively small but fearsome law firms landed a spot on Law360's 2016 list of 50 Litigation Powerhouses after they laced up their gloves and brought the pain in their fights for clients, winning some of the biggest cases over the past year.

    Judge Gives Preliminary OK To $75M NCAA Concussion Deal

    An Illinois federal judge said Thursday he expected a $75 million settlement of the concussion multidistrict litigation between the National Collegiate Athletic Association and a class of student athletes to get final approval next year after the parties resolve issues surrounding related personal injury claims.

    New NCAA Injury Suits Could Be Negated By Concussion Deal

    The NCAA is again a target in a new wave of class actions over student-athletes' repeated head injuries and concussions, but experts say plaintiffs could hit a roadblock as the NCAA is trying to tie the new claims to a related settlement.

    Sports Cases To Watch In The 2nd Half Of 2016

    With action on challenges to the NFL commissioner's authority to discipline players expected soon in two federal appeals courts, the second half of 2016 is set to have some major case developments that could shape sports law for years to come.

    O'Bannon Knocks NCAA's Free-Speech Question To High Court

    Former NCAA athletes led by Ed O'Bannon Jr. have urged the U.S. Supreme Court not to consider whether the Ninth Circuit should have barred an antitrust suit over compensation for athletes' images and likenesses on First Amendment grounds, arguing that the constitutional issue is far from central to the case.

    FanDuel Argues NCAA Athletes' Likenesses Are Fair Game

    FanDuel asked an Indiana federal court on Tuesday to dismiss it from a putative class action accusing daily fantasy sports operators of profiting off the unauthorized use of the names and likenesses of former NCAA athletes, saying its use was protected by the First Amendment.

    High School Sports Group Supports NCAA In O'Bannon Appeal

    An organization representing high school sports associations has voiced support for the NCAA’s bid for U.S. Supreme Court review of Ed O'Bannon Jr.’s antitrust suit over compensation for student-athletes' images and likenesses, arguing that the Ninth Circuit gave too little weight to the NCAA’s interest in maintaining amateurism.

    Antitrust Profs Back Up NCAA In O’Bannon Appeal

    A group of antitrust scholars has urged the U.S. Supreme Court to hear the NCAA’s appeal of Ed O'Bannon Jr.’s lawsuit over compensation for college athletes' images and likenesses, saying the Ninth Circuit ruling makes it too easy for the courts to meddle with organization rules.

    DC Antitrust Group, Law Profs Back NCAA's O'Bannon Appeal

    An organization of D.C. antitrust lawyers and a group of law professors have urged the U.S. Supreme Court to hear the NCAA’s appeal of Ed O'Bannon Jr.’s lawsuit over compensation for student-athletes' images and likenesses, arguing that the case gives the court a chance to offer guidance on important questions.

    NCAA, Schools Urge 7th Circ. To Back FLSA Suit Dismissal

    The National Collegiate Athletic Association and dozens of universities urged the Seventh Circuit on Tuesday to affirm a decision tossing a proposed wage class action brought by former University of Pennsylvania student-athletes, arguing that classifying the student-athletes as employees "strains the common linguistic intuitions” for interpreting the Fair Labor Standards Act.

    NCAA Asks O'Bannon Judge To Clarify $9M Payout Order

    The NCAA asked a California federal judge Monday to clarify her order last month that the organization must put about $9 million of more than $42 million in fees it owes a class of former players into escrow pending an appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court, saying it can’t agree with the players on how to interpret the order.

    'Berning' The High Court For Pro-Worker Nominees

    While Bernie Sanders hasn't released a list of who he would nominate to the U.S. Supreme Court, one could surmise his nominees would include judges who've demonstrated a pro-worker tilt. As food for thought, Michael LeRoy, a professor of Law at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, examines recent employment rulings from judges who would likely garner interest from a candidate who speaks loudly for a $15-an-hour minimum wage.

    NCAA Says Spokeo Dooms Athlete's Antitrust Class Action

    A former college athlete will be hard-pressed to argue the Clayton Act gives cause to his antitrust class action alleging the NCAA’s bylaws unfairly stop student-athletes from transferring between schools following the U.S. Supreme Court’s Spokeo ruling last month, the association told an Indiana federal court on Friday.

    O'Bannon Pushes For Supreme Court Review Of NCAA Case

    Former NCAA athletes led by former basketball star Ed O'Bannon Jr. have urged the U.S. Supreme Court to review the Ninth Circuit's decision on compensation for student-athletes' images and likenesses, arguing that the NCAA twisted high court precedent to justify using amateurism as an excuse for anti-competitive rules.

    NCAA Concussion Objector Blasts Attempt To Preclude Claims

    The lead objector to the NCAA's concussion settlement told an Illinois federal court that class counsel and the NCAA have asked the court to go too far in shutting out multisport personal injury class actions against schools, arguing such claims should be completely untethered from the settlement.

    NCAA Takes Another Swing At $75M Concussion Settlement

    A revised settlement in the long-simmering dispute between the NCAA and some of its student athletes would open the door for injured athletes to sue their colleges, according to a newly released proposal that aims to address shortfalls in the past $75 million settlement plan.

    NCAA On Offensive In Seeking O'Bannon Review Despite Win

    Though many saw the Ninth Circuit's O'Bannon decision as a win for the NCAA, the intercollegiate athletics body has gone on the offensive and joined the former player plaintiffs in asking the U.S. Supreme Court to take a look at a part of the ruling some experts say could cause problems for the organization.

    Student-Athletes Reach Deal With SEC Over TV Contract Docs

    Student-athletes challenging NCAA rules that cap compensation at the cost of attendance and the Southeastern Conference asked a California federal judge on Wednesday to approve an agreement partially settling a discovery dispute over broadcast contracts and other financial documents that has been a major hurdle in the multidistrict litigation. 

    NCAA, Conferences Hit In Wave Of Football Head Injury Suits

    Several former college football players alleged the NCAA and several conferences failed to protect the safety of student-athletes from the dangers of repeated head injuries in a total of six similar proposed federal court class actions filed on Tuesday.

    NCAA Says O'Bannon Resolved Athlete Pay Cap Claims

    The NCAA asked a California federal judge to get rid of antitrust claims in multidistrict litigation that take aim at the organization’s rules capping student-athlete compensation at cost of attendance, arguing Monday that the courts already decided those issues in the O’Bannon case. 

    Syracuse University Unveils $255M Sports Facilities Project

    Syracuse University unveiled plans Monday for an estimated $255 million project that includes renovating an aging gymnasium into a student health and wellness complex, erecting a permanent roof over the iconic Carrier Dome and implementing Americans with Disabilities Act-related upgrades at both facilities.

    Regulating Daily Fantasy: DFS Is Like Rocky — On The Ropes

    In the big fight scene in "Rocky," the young Rocky Balboa seemed to be fighting more just to survive, rather than to win. Like Rocky, daily fantasy sports operators continue to battle on, taking a beating that would floor any lesser competitor. DraftKings and FanDuel are actually winning many of their legal battles — but they do seem to be losing the war, says Nelson Rose, a professor of gaming law at Whittier Law School.

    NCAA Asks Justices To Review O'Bannon Student Pay Ruling

    The NCAA on Friday asked the Supreme Court to review the Ninth Circuit’s landmark decision finding the collegiate athletics governing body’s rules prohibiting student-athletes from being paid to be anti-competitive, thereby allowing them to be compensated up to the full cost of attendance.

    Federal Regs On Daily Fantasy Are Far Off, Hearing Shows

    The controversy over daily fantasy sports finally hit Congress on Wednesday, but experts said the hearing before the House Committee on Energy and Commerce shows that federal regulation isn't coming soon, meaning the industry must continue to deal with a patchwork of state laws for the foreseeable future.

    NJ Rep. Scoffs At Favoring Daily Fantasy Over Sports Betting

    The U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Energy and Commerce took a closer look at potential regulation for the controversial daily fantasy sports industry, but one lawmaker used Wednesday's hearing to argue that sports betting also be given a chance to be regulated and legitimized.