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CT: Senate Passes Bill to Provide Workers' Comp Benefits to Police Who Must Use Deadly Force on Animals

HARTFORD, CT - The Connecticut Post reports that the Senate on Wednesday passed a bill to enable police officers to obtain workers' compensation benefits following a life-threatening encounter with an animal, this in response to a chimpanzee attack last year where an officer had to shoot the animal...

CT: Governor Signs Bill to Increase Fines for Misclassification of Workers

HARTFORD, CT - Governor M. Jodi Rell signed House Bill 5204 today to increase the fine for employers who misclassifying employees as independent contractors. Read the bill Source: The CT Mirror

CT: Governor Vetoes Bill to Aid Municipal Risk Management Agency

HARTFORD, CT - Governor M. Jodi Rell has vetoed a bill that would have postponed a deadline for the Municipal Interlocal Risk Management Agency, which offers insurance, including workers' compensation, to 65 towns and boards of education in the state, to help erase its $10 million deficit. Source...

CT: Supporters of Chimp Attack Bill to Push for Passage in 2011 Legislative Session

HARTFORD, CT - A bill to provide police officers with workers' compensation after a traumatic encounter with a mammal died Wednesday night in the House of Representatives. Supporters say they will push to get the bill passed during the 2011 legislative session. Source: Stamford Advocate

CT: AIA Applauds Defeat of Bill to Create State Fund

HARTFORD, CT - The Connecticut General Assembly adjourned its 2010 regular session at midnight yesterday, concluding a relatively successful legislative session for property-casualty insurers, according to the American Insurance Association (AIA). “Overall, Connecticut legislators made the right...