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CA9 on Citizenship, Standard of Review: Mondaca-Vega v. Holder

Majority: "Who is Petitioner? Is he Reynaldo Carlon Mondaca, a native and citizen of the United States, or is he Salvador Mondaca-Vega, a native and citizen of Mexico? The district court determined that Petitioner is Salvador Mondaca-Vega and, accordingly, that he is not a United States citizen...

CA9 on Acquired Citizenship, Modified Categorical Approach: Ragasa v. Holder

Court staff summary: "The panel granted Crisanto Ragasa’s petition for review of the Board of Immigration Appeals’ decision finding that he did not establish United States citizenship by adoption, and that he was removable because of his Hawaii state court drug conviction. The panel...

En Banc CA9 on Burden of Proof, Citizenship: Mondaca-Vega III

Is the 84-year-old petitioner a native-born U.S. citizen or a deportable Mexican? A deeply-divided en banc court denied the petition for review. Mondaca-Vega III, Dec. 15, 2015 .