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Farmers Fear E-Verify Could Devastate American Agriculture

"E-Verify's opponents contend the system will destroy agribusiness by driving up costs, shrinking the workforce, and wreaking havoc on food production. When Hollabaugh hears a legislator say E-Verify will save American jobs for Americans, "I just want to throttle him," she...

More California employers (except growers) using E-Verify

"For all the companies in the state joining E-Verify, however, hundreds of thousands have not, and agriculture is among the least represented industries, according to a list of E-Verify users obtained by this newspaper." - S an Jose Mercury News, Oct. 29, 2011 .

America's Farmers, Ranchers Need Solutions, Not Band-Aids: Editorial

"AFBF will only support a mandatory E-verify program if there is a workable solution for agriculture. Absent that solution, if E-Verify is implemented, agriculture faces losing millions of dollars in productivity due to labor shortages." - Bob Stallman, President, American Farm Bureau...