Ode to the VAT Bastard

Ode to the VAT Bastard

... I look upon the reporting of my income tax obligations as a serious part of my citizenship. I obsess about it.

And this time around that is not helping. But besides driving me nuts, this year's annual aggravation is driving me to another place as well. Does it really have to be this difficult? Do we really need to spend this much time, effort and agony on paying our taxes? This system is insane and we need to stop the craziness.

So, I'm re-reading Michael Graetz's book, "
100 Million Unnecessary Returns: A Fresh Start for the U.S. Tax System" (I told you I get a little OCD about this stuff). Professor Graetz is brilliant. Basically, his theory is: Impose a VAT at a rate of 10 to 15 percent. That would finance an exemption from income taxes for families making $100,000 in income or less. No more filing. No more paper-hunting...


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