Another Bad Day for the IRS

Another Bad Day for the IRS

The IRS has a "bunker mentality." If you deal with it on somewhat of a regular basis, that can be infuriating. But it is also somewhat understandable. The IRS is an organization with a target on its back. And rarely has that target been larger than it is now. Just take yesterday [June 19th].

There was a
large rally outside the Capitol to protest the IRS. The theme was to "audit the IRS." To strictly monitor a government agency this powerful is a good thing... But the suggested solution was... [] ... abolish the IRS. So, how does that work exactly?...  That makes sense to who?

... [I]sn't Congress supposed to be checking up on the IRS? What's its responsibility here? Just sending letters and going to rallies? They think their job is fixing the blame, not the problems. And do you know why? They don't know how to fix the problems. So who should we think about firing?


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