Bored Politicians Taxing Strippers

Bored Politicians Taxing Strippers

Every once in a while politicians have the need to tax or regulate some aspect of the adult entertainment industry. Sometimes they go after hookers. Some times they go after dirty movies. Sometimes they go after adult book stores. Often the politicians go after strippers. Strippers are an easy target. The "dancers" are not exactly like the Koch brothers or the teachers unions when it comes to influencing legislation. The strip club owners are not in tight with the chambers of commerce. And the customers, well, the customers are not exactly going to mount a protest at the state capitol.

Strippers have been the target of special taxation and regulation in New York, Texas, California, Illinois, Kansas and other states. I am curious, intellectually curious that is, about strip clubs in Kansas because the state seems so gosh darn wholesome. The motivations for the extra taxation and regulation are varied...


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