Excellent Article on Offshore Accounts - History and Future

Excellent Article on Offshore Accounts - History and Future

Readers might be interested in a new article published this week in Tax Notes, Charles P. Rettig, Evaluation of an IRS Undisclosed Offshore Account IDR, 133 Tax Notes 759 (Nov. 7, 2011). I will try to post a link to the article  when I have one, but in the meantime note the following.

1. Chuck Rettig is a leading practitioner in this area of practice and his articles are always worthy of note.

2. The article is a good summary of the history and current state of the offshore account problem and the IRS initiatives. Much of this discussion in the article is probably already known to readers of this blog.

3. Chuck correctly cites (p. 762 at fn 21) ILM 200603026 where an IRS author concludes that, in an FBAR willfulness penalty case, the Government would be required to prove willfulness by clear and convincing evidence. As I noted, however, in an earlier blog, the Court in the Williams case discussed in Chuck's article, held that the preponderance of the evidence standard applied. See Burden of Proof for Willfulness in FBAR Violations (9/6/11), here....


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