Another UBS Client is Sentenced - 1 Year and 1 Day

Another UBS Client is Sentenced - 1 Year and 1 Day

According to the USAO SDNY press release (not yet mounted on the USAO SDNY web site), Richard Werdiger, "a former client of Swiss bank UBS AG ("UBS"), was sentenced today to one year and one day in prison for conspiring to defraud the Internal Revenue Service ("IRS") by hiding more than $7.1 million at UBS, filing false federal income tax returns, and evading nearly $400,000 of taxes." Here are the key stats:

Taxpayer: Richard A. Werdiger
Bank : UBS AG
Entities: Yes
Guilt: By Plea Agreement
Sentence: 1 year and 1 day.
Admits: Failure to File FBARs but not charged or pled
Unreported Income: $1.300,000 +
Tax Loss: $400,000
FBAR Penalty: $3,844,129 (apparently based on 50% of the indicated highest balance).
Restitution: To be determined later
Fine: $50,000
Court: SDNY
Judge: Paul G. Gardephe

Recall that the good credit (18 USC 3624(b), here), which is available for sentences greater than 1 year (hence one year and one day is a sentence imposed to allow the good time credit).


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