The Watertight Case for Taxing Everything

The Watertight Case for Taxing Everything

I have a certain fascination with tax fads. You know what I mean -- those odd, improbable, and sometimes appealing tax ideas that capture the public imagination from time to time. But seriously: this soda tax has got to go away. It was fun for a while, even intriguing. But it's a bad tax -- regressive, incoherent, arbitrary, and annoying. Please, let's stop the madness.


[E]very sin tax makes sense to someone. In theory, we could spend a lot of time crafting millions of tiny little taxes designed to compensate for every "market failure" imaginable. But that's the road to fiscal hell.

The soda tax is a trivial issue, but it points up a bigger problem: our tendency to use the tax system in pursuit of narrow goals. That might be good for the goals, but it's bad for the tax system.

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