Business Valuation by Accountants: Key Support Service to Legal Community

Business Valuation by Accountants: Key Support Service to Legal Community

Business valuations are often required or advisable in divorce settlements, buy/sell agreements, estate and gift tax computations, and similar situations. These valuations may also be prepared as part of feasibility studies related to the acquisition or sale of business enterprises (usually privately held companies).

The independent accountant can be an essential part of business valuations because of his familiarity with the sophisticated financial concepts that are often used in the process. For example, selecting valuation methods, calculating adjusted earnings, determining capitalization rates used in calculations, computing premiums for control, arriving at discounts for minority interests, and assessing marketability are all tasks for which an accountant is well suited.

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Using concise, plain-language explanations, this desktop reference helps attorneys decipher financial statements, plan business transactions, structure agreements, and stay on top of the latest accounting, auditing, and reporting rules. Also included are full chapters on accountants' legal liability, accountants' support services to the legal community, reporting for not-for-profit organizations, and partnerships and joint ventures. Numerous practical examples are provided, including sample letters, forms and financial statements.

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