Super Committee Gridlock: In Celebration of Failure

Super Committee Gridlock: In Celebration of Failure

We're being told America's future has suddenly grown more bleak because the Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction has dropped the ball. I'm not sold on that conclusion. The failure of the Super Committee might be exactly what America needs: a long overdue kick in the back side.

The group's partisan gridlock -- which was entirely predictable -- will trigger spending cuts of $1.2 trillion over 10 years, beginning in 2013. But let's step back and recognize these automatic cuts for what they are: A modest dose of bitter medicine, but far less than what's necessary to cure the patient.

Oh, but there will be pain when the Pentagon budget gets cut! There will also be pain when discretionary spending gets scaled back! Of course these things will hurt. Who ever said austerity -- or in our case 'austerity lite' -- would be painless? This is what fiscal belt-tightening looks like; get used to it. Anyone who thought we could significantly curtail public spending without adverse consequences was horribly naive. And if we're lucky some of these spending cuts might benefit the nation as a whole. (Here's hoping our absurd ethanol subsidies get nixed as a result of all this.)...


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