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Amendments to Partnership Audit Regime

by Ronald Levitt * On November 2, 2015, the Bipartisan Budget Act of 2015 (Pub L No 114-74, 114th Cong (Nov 2, 2015)) (the Act) became law. The Act radically alters the audit procedures for partnerships. In this respect, Act Section 1101 (Partnership...

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Tax Residency in a FATCA and CRS World

by William H. Byrnes IV and Robert J. Munro * Contributing Author: John Richardson, LL.B., J.D., www.CitizenshipSolutions.ca . Rewritten by William Byrnes with additional material included. In a FATCA and CRS world tax residency is an important...

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Taxation of New York City Real Property

by Steven Tishko * In New York City, real estate taxes have become an increasingly greater expense for property owners and landlords in recent years. As such, they are an ever-growing factor that any potential purchaser or tenant must account for in...

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Excess "Golden Parachute" Payments--Nondeductible and Penalty Tax

By Alison Stemler, J.D. * The golden parachute rules in IRC Section 280G state that if an employee or contractor receives or will receive compensation that is triggered by or closely related to a change in control, and that change in control compensation...

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Brain Freeze: Multiple Property Valuations Questioned

by Joseph J. Calvanico When any case reaches the Supreme Court of any given state, it is reasonable to conclude that the case is in the hands of the most learned legal minds in that state. It is also reasonable to conclude that the decision will be...

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Required Compensation Risk Analysis, Claw Backs and Mandatory Deferrals

by Alison Stemler * One of the main purposes of the Dodd-Frank Act is to promote financial stability in the US economy, including through a significant number of provisions relating to financial institutions. [Incentive-Based Compensation Arrangements...