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Alice Joseffer
Pressure to Get Every American Dollar: Compliance Emphasis Intensifies

Attention to tax compliance and enforcement is increasing dramatically as the Obama administration demonstrates serious commitment to leveling the playing field, aspiring to approach a fair share standard for all taxpayers. Increased funding for Internal...

Charles W. Swenson, CPA, PhD
Enterprise Zones: A Better Path to Job Growth Than Focus on Tax Havens

Publicizing Enterprise Zones would actually be more effective in creating jobs than the current focus on Tax Haven countries. In many cases, corporations can wipe out their state tax bills by locating in Enterprise Zones and generating the desired significant...

Bryan D. Keith
IRS Applies Economic Substance to Disallow the Bankruptcy Exception under Section 382(l)(5)

In Chief Counsel Advice 200915033 (Dec. 24, 2008) the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) applied economic substance and other judicial doctrines in determining that the taxpayer could not utilize a target corporation’s net operating losses under the...

Bryan D. Keith
IRS Issues Guidance to Small Businesses on Net Operating Loss Carrybacks

The Internal Revenue Service issued Revenue Procedure 2009-26 (Rev. Proc.) on April 24, 2009. Rev. Proc. 2009-26 provides guidance to small businesses regarding the application of certain net operating loss carryback provisions in the American Recovery...

Franklin Lowenthal, Philip Storrer, Gary McBride
The Saga of the Reserve Primary Fund and Its Tax Consequences

The Reserve Primary Fund had a reputation as a safe, conservative investment vehicle. Thus it sent a shock wave when on September 12, 2008, its value declined from one dollar to 97 cents; no money market fund had done this in the last 14 years. The authors...

LexisNexis Legal Business Community Staff
LexisNexis® Tax Law Center Podcast featuring Jack Trachtenberg of Hodgson Russ, LLP, on New York State Tax Compliance and Collections Enforcement

On this edition, Jack Trachtenberg discusses the New York Office of Tax Enforcement and its Special Investigations Unit arm, recently established to improve voluntary tax reporting compliance through voluntary disclosure and through criminal investigations...