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LexisNexis® Tax Law Center Podcast featuring Alice Joseffer of Hodgson Russ LLP on Foreign Investment Tax Reporting Requirements

On this edition, Alice Joseffer discusses cooperative efforts between the Internal Revenue Service and foreign nations to reduce tax avoidance and improve tax reporting and payment compliance. Ms. Joseffer outlines reporting requirements, describes voluntary...

Peter Miller
Ohio Wind Energy Tax Incentives Deficient, Trade Group Says

Ohio is in a quandary as it tries to reconcile last year's greening legislation and aspirations for wind energy production with the state's financial troubles. The linchpin of the problem, of course, is tax revenue. The state is trying to find...

Peter Miller
Are The Stars Aligned For Federal AND State Value Added Taxation (VAT)?

Sales tax revenues are in the tank; collections are the worst in 50 years in terms of inflation-adjusted dollars. The states are starving for new revenue as they look at busted budgets. Obviously, the U.S. Treasury is no different. Serious consideration...

Alice Joseffer
Turbulent Economy Increases U.S. Investors' Tax Concerns

Awareness of federal income tax rules related to U.S. investor interests in foreign corporations is especially compelling during distressed economic conditions. U.S. investors can be whipsawed with interest charges, as well as the highest income tax rates...

Dusty E. Kirk & Sharon F. DiPaolo
Real Estate Assessment Controversy Continues in Pennsylvania

Following the earlier decision by Pennsylvania’s Supreme Court declaring Allegheny County’s real estate assessment system to be unconstitutional and calling into question the assessment systems used by other counties throughout Pennsylvania...

Peter Miller
A Real Crisis Looms: Can Americans Tolerate a Beer Tax Increase?

Lawmakers are looking at a beer tax, as well as a soft drink tax. Certain lifestyle choices considered to be out of favor are at risk of costing us more. They are ostensibly proposed to offset poor lifestyle decisions that contribut to escalating medical...