Texas EMT Files Moronic Invasion-of-Privacy Lawsuit

Texas EMT Files Moronic Invasion-of-Privacy Lawsuit

From the state that just loves our sloppy seconds -- out-of-work wide receiver who cries about a fumbling quarterback say, "What. It's unfair. That's my quarterback." -- comes this case about a Facebooking emergency medical technician from Texas.

To protect the innocent -- in the event that you've yet to click on the case link -- we'll call the employee-plaintiff "Moron." Moron the EMT was fired after posting on his co-worker's Facebook wall about how he wanted to boot a ultimate fighter patient in the head.

Instead of just swallowing the bitter pill, Moron sued his former employer for -- get this -- intrusion upon seclusion. (basically, an invasion of privacy).

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This article was originally published on Eric B. Meyer's blog, The Employer Handbook.

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