Workers' Comp Fraud Blotter (2/16/2012) – Maybe Three Is A Charm, Contractor Goes Straight To Jail After Three Busts

Workers' Comp Fraud Blotter (2/16/2012) – Maybe Three Is A Charm, Contractor Goes Straight To Jail After Three Busts

Each week we'll be surveying what the media, state agencies, insurance companies, and others report in terms of workers' comp fraud. Just like a police blotter, our workers' comp fraud blotter lists recent arrests, charges, convictions and investigations.


Workers' Comp Fraud Blotter - February 16, 2012

Maybe Three Is A Charm, Contractor Goes Straight To Jail After Three Busts (CA) - Cesar Resendiz Mendieta has been sentenced to 30 days in jail for failing to maintain workers' compensation insurance and failing to have a contractor's license. Fraud investigators first issued him a notice to appear in court for contracting without a license and failure to provide workers' compensation for employees on February 3, 2011, when they were tipped that a suspected unlicensed business called Cesar's Plastering was performing work at a restaurant. On March 21, 2011, the investigators followed another tip that Cesar's Plastering was working at an auto repair shop and issued a second notice to appear in court. Another tip on August 26, 2011 showed him performing a contracting job at a home, and a third notice to appear in court was issued.   Read more

Youth Care Worker Charged With Double-Dipping (TX) - Melody Tendayi has been charged with workers' compensation fraud for secretly working while receiving benefits. Tendayi reported a job-related injury while working as a youth care worker for Youth and Family Alliance. She claimed that she was unable to work as a result of the injury and began receiving income benefits, but an insurance investigation uncovered evidence that Tendayi was working for another company while receiving the income benefits.   Read more

Newspaper Employee Who Claimed She Could Not Brush Her Own Hair Convicted of Workers' Compensation Insurance Fraud (CA) - Linda Vela, a 25 year veteran employee of the Sacramento Bee newspaper, has been found guilty of worker's compensation insurance fraud, presenting a false statement concerning payment from an insurance policy, and attempted perjury. Vela claimed after surgery for bi-lateral carpal tunnel syndrome that she could not work in her garden or brush her own hair because of the pain, but video surveillance showed that she could do these tasks and could have returned to work.   Read more

Former Mail Carrier Charged With Workers' Compensation Fraud (FL) - Jacque Myers, a former employee of the United States Postal Service, has been charged and arraigned in federal court on charges that she received more than $10,000 in unlawful workers' compensation payments after a back injury.   Read more

Client Claims Ineffective Assistance of Counsel In Request To Withdraw Guilty Plea to Fraud (IN) - Chopper Loughran has filed a motion in federal court to withdraw her guilty plea to a charge that she made false statements in order to receive federal worker's compensation benefits, claiming that her former legal counsel failed to adequately investigate her case. The false statements charge relates to an injury to her foot that Loughran claimed she sustained while working as a letter carrier.   Read more

Auto Repair Shop Failed To Have Insurance To Repair Employee's Injuries (CA) - L&M Auto Repair has been cited by the Santa Cruz County District Attorney for failing to maintain workers' compensation insurance for its employees. The business was also cited for failing to have a proper license from the California State Bureau of Auto Repair.   Read more

Father Indicted For Fraudulent Death Benefits Claim (TX) - Curtis L. Blankenship, Sr. has been indicted by a county grand jury on workers' compensation fraud-related charges. Blankenship reported a company fatality involving his son as a work-related accident. As a result, Texas Mutual Insurance Company began paying death benefits to him, but an investigation revealed that Blankenship knew the fatality was not work-related.   Read more

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