Manage Your Workers’ Compensation Program by Advisen and Amaxx Risk Solutions

Manage Your Workers’ Compensation Program by Advisen and Amaxx Risk Solutions

Book Shows Employers How to Cut Comp Costs by 20% - 50%

NEW YORK.—Sept 26, 2011 – Advisen and Amaxx have combined to produce a $159 guidebook to help brokers, consultants, safety & loss control professionals, claims managers and buyers of insurance reduce Workers Compensation costs by 20% to 50%. Manage  Your Workers’ Compensation  Program, shows employers how to slash their workers’ compensation costs. The book is geared to providing employers with “how to” information about reducing workers’ compensation costs and is based on years of field research.

Manage Your Workers' Compensation Program  is a 155-page guidebook of practical information on how to develop a workers' compensation cost-containment program. It includes step-by-step guidelines about how to develop a workers' compensation cost-containment program and contains six key forms, including the Implementation Timetable, Facilitator's Training Agenda, Injury Coordinator Job Description, Sample Letter to Divisions with Assessment Results, Sample CEO Roll-Out Letter, and Sample Program Kick-Off Letter. Dozens of cost-reduction  techniques are revealed. 

Chapters cover:

* Workers' Comp Management Basics

* Working with Adjusters or Insurance Companies

* Roles & Responsibilities of Workers’ Comp Coordinators

* Communication with Employees

* Reporting a Claim

* Post-Injury Procedures

* Return to Work & Transitional Duty

* Other Indemnity Cost Containment

* Medical Cost Containment

* Fighting Fraud & Abuse

* Training Supervisors

* Claims Resolution & Settlement

* Safety & Loss Control

Quantities over 50 are available at a special discounted rate as low as $29.00 for insurance brokers, third-party administrators, captives, associations, agents and large self-insured employers. Company logo and name are imprinted on large orders at no additional charge.  See for details.

RIMS, the Risk and Insurance Management Society, provides special discounted rates to members.

Amaxx Risk Solutions, Inc.  has been working with companies in all industries for over 25 years helping them reduce workers' compensation costs. The average cost reduction for companies working with Amaxx consultants is 20% to 50%. Amaxx developed the patented  Workers Comp Kit® which provides best practice assessments, customized  recommendations for improvement, the National Workers Compensation Management Score® and Improvement Plan -- an automated approach to workers comp cost reduction. 1-860-553-6604 or

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Advisen manages business information and market data for the commercial insurance industry and maintains critical risk analytics and time-saving workflow tools for over 530 industry leading firms and is the technology partner of Amaxx Risk Solutions. Advisen is headquartered in New York. or call +1.212.897.4787

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