National and State-by-State Workers' Comp News Roundup Powered by Larson's (12/21/2012)

National and State-by-State Workers' Comp News Roundup Powered by Larson's (12/21/2012)

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SMART Act Passed by House to Streamline Medicare Secondary Payment Program.

NCCI Posts Study on Role of Traffic Accidents in Workers’ Comp.

CDC Posts 2008 United States Life Tables.

Ex-NFL Players Ask Federal Court to Overturn Arbitration Agreement Barring WC Claims.

CA, WV, IL, NY, MD Top Judicial Hellhole List According to American Tort Reform Association.


CA: DWC Posts 2013 Annual Report of Inventory Advice, Form for Claims Reported CY2012.

CA: DWC Posts Audit Unit Annual Report.

CA: Insurance Commissioner Issues Correcting Order Clarifying Classification Changes.

CA: WCIRB Names Dave Bellusci Exec. VP and COO.

CA: WCAN Launches Campaign to Support Full Implementation of SB 863 by Jan. 2014.

CT: WC Coverage of Newtown Public School District Handled by Public Entity Risk Pool.

HI: DCD Posts 2013 Maximum Weekly Benefit Rates.

IL: Dept of Ins. Posts Notice re WC Carrier’s/Self-Insured’s Compliance for Medical Payments.

MA: US Dist Ct Affirms Order of Restitution by Temp Staff Owners to IRS, WC Carriers.

MA: DIA Posts Correction to COLA Calculation Table 1.

MI: WCA Posts 2013 Weekly Benefit Tables.

MO: SB 1 Filed to Save Second Injury Fund.

NE: WCC Posts Amended Rules of Procedure.

NE: WCC Posts Latest Fee Schedules for DRG, Trauma Services Inpatient Hospital.

NH: LGC Releases List of Towns, Cities Owed Refunds for Insurance Overpayments.

NJ: New Maximum Benefit Rate Increases to $826 Effective Jan. 1.

NJ: Dem. Lawmaker Files Companion Bill for Union Carve Outs.

NM: WC Advisory Council Posts 2013 Legislative Recommendations.

NY: WCB Announces End of Support for Email Addresses.

NY: WCB Posts Medical Treatment Guidelines Forms and Training Notice.

NY: NY City Health Dept. Claims No Clear Link Between Cancer and 9/11 Debris, Wreckage.

NC: Workers Want Public Hearings for Legislature’s Workers Comp Study.

OH: Supreme Court Deals Blow to Injured Worker’s Intentional Tort Claim.

OR: WCD Posts Revised Claims Processing Administrative Cost Factor.

SC: WCC Posts 2013 Maximum Weekly Compensation Rate.

TN: Chamber of Commerce Pushes for WC Reform.

TX: H.B. 287 Would Identify Name of Health Care Provider Performing IRO.

TX: NCCI Recommends 3.8 Percent Decrease in Loss Cost Filing.

TX: DWC Announces Insurance Carriers Performance Based Oversight Results.

TX: DWC Adopts New Guidelines for Examination by Treating Doctor.

WV: Supreme Court Overrules WCB in Dust Hazards Exposure Case.

WI: DWD Posts New Maximum Benefit Rates for 2013.