National and State-by-State Workers' Comp News Roundup Powered by Larson's (2/19/2013)

National and State-by-State Workers' Comp News Roundup Powered by Larson's (2/19/2013)

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NCCI Examines Medical Services for Claims 20 Years or Older.

WCRI Analyzes Medical Cost Drivers, Trends, Impact of WC Rules in 16 States.

NCCI Updates Proof of Coverage Compliance Guide.


CA: DWC Issues Notice of Hearings for IMR, QME Regulations.

CA: DWC to Hold QME Examination Oct. 19.

CA: Senate Rules Committee Confirms Sweeney as WCAB Commissioner (p. 92).

CA: State Fund Board of Directors Agenda, Handouts Posted.

CA: State Fund Appoints Beatriz Sanchez as Chief Operating Officer.

CA: Prominent OC Physician Under Investigation for 16 Fatal Overdoses.

FL: 4 Judges Nominated for Reappointment, 3 Nominated for Judge Positions.

GA: Governor Appoints Frank McKay Chairman, State Board of Workers’ Compensation.

IL: ISIA Posts Summary of Current Workers Comp Legislative Activity.

KS: Senate Committee to Endorse Workers Comp Reform.

ME: MEMIC Promotes Two to Asst. Vice President of Claims Operations.

ME: WCB Adopts Final Rules re Appellate Procedure.

MO: Senate Moves Closer to Giving Final Approval for Fix to Second Injury Fund.

NV: Div. of Insurance Says WC Market Highly Un-concentrated and Healthy (see p. 16).

NH: Collapse of LGC Would Negatively Impact Public Employees in Over 200 Communities.

NH: HB 169 Would Create Employers’ Right to Recover WC Coverage Premium Payments.

NH: HB 171 Would Create Mandatory Civil Penalty for Failure to Pay Workers Comp.

NH: HB 172 Would Require Commissioner to Record Info re Payment of Workers Comp.

NH: HB 203 Would Clarify WC Procedures re State Projects, State Land Timber Sales.

NH: HB 255 Relates to Selection of Health Care Providers, Generic Drugs, PPNs, PBMPs.

NH: HB 373 Would Allow Discovery of Carrier’s Investigation of WC Claim, Attorney’s Fees.

NH: HB 439 Would Change Weekly Compensation for TTD, PTD, TPD, and PPD Benefits.

NH: SB 95 Would Allow Employee to Choose Pharmacy for Medicine Required Under Workers Comp.

NH: SB 147 Would Require Generic Drug Use, Create Pharmacy Closed Formulary, Appeals Process.

NJ: Chief Judge Posts Memo re Electric Filing of Motions.

NM: Senate Committee Passes SB 233 Workers Comp Attorneys Fees Cap.

NM: Senate Committee Passes SB 275 Workers Comp Clean Up Legislation.

NM: SB 465 Would Reduce Workers Comp Payment for Drug Use.

NY: SB 3861 Would Require Reimbursement for Chiropractic Care on Same Basis as Physicians.

OK: Forthcoming Workers Comp Reform Bill SB 1062 Combines Administrative System and Opt Out.

OK: Four Newest WC Judges Awarding Less to Workers With Permanent Injuries.

OR: WCD Proposes Changes to Employer-at-Injury (EAIP) Program.

SB: HB 3147 Would Clamp Down on Employee Claims for Personal Injury Caused by Mental Injury.

SC: HB 3369 Would Exempt From WC Those Employees Covered by FELA, LHWCA, Jones Act.

SC: HB 3141 Would Require WC Commissioners Be Elected by General Assembly.

TX: TDI Adopts New Rules re UR for Health Care Provided Under WC Ins Coverage.

TX: “Truth-o-Meter” on Why Texas Is Last in Workers’ Comp Coverage for Employees.

TX: HB 372 Would Target Prevention of Misclassification of Construction Workers.

TX: HB 1032 Would Create Form for Prior Authorization of Prescription Drug Benefits.

TX: HB 1155 Would Suspend Specified Income Benefits for Failure to Submit to DDE.

TX: SB 381 Would Revise Rules re Misuse of Names, Symbols of DWC and TDI.

WY: Wyoming Adopts Official Disability Guidelines (ODG).